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Stephen Colbert Immortalized, At Least for Six Weeks

Colbert with NPG staff in December.Photo courtesy of one wet yeti’s Flickr stream.

Colbert Hanged: Good-natured employees of Washington’s National Portrait Gallery accede to Stephen Colbert’s pestering, hang a portrait of the host next to a second-floor bathroom. The video is pretty priceless. [DCist]

Coachella NYC?: They refuse to call it that, but the organizers of the legendary California music festival are planning an event in New York this summer. Don’t be fooled by the Radiohead photo Billboard slaps on the report; that, lamely, is in reference to a previous concert by the band at Liberty State Park, in 2001. No bands are yet confirmed for this summer’s show. [Billboard]

Image Awards, Thank Heavens, to Go On: The striking Writers Guild of America grants an interim deal with the NAACP for the Image Awards, set to air on Fox on February 14. The WGA, showing a healthy sense of self-regard, allows the move “because of the historic role the NAACP has played in struggles like ours.” [UPI]

AICN Tries to Calm the Cloverfield Hype: “I’m here to tell you that talk of this being a landmark, first of its kind movie is a little wrong,” AICN reviewer Quint writes, ignoring the fact that it’s his boss from whom such talk is coming. [Ain’t It Cool News]

ZAC EFRON HAS APPENDICITIS!!!: Dear God in Heaven above, save him. [AP]

Stephen Colbert Immortalized, At Least for Six Weeks