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Stephen King Battles Nearsightedness, Hilarious Bloggers

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“And for a fellow of my years (a less-than-generous reader recently referred to me in his blog as ‘that elderly douchenozzle’), the Kindle has one great feature: You can adjust the typeface.” Stephen King on the Amazon Kindle [EW]

“That’s fun if you can hang with that stream of consciousness. It’s like reading Dylan’s book Tarantula. I bought it, and by page 15 I go, ‘Did I just eat mescaline? This is unbelievable.’” Michael Keaton on talking to Jack Nicholson [MTV]

“He convinced me that I was in good hands. He didn’t seem like some S&M freak in polka dots, which he very well could have been from reading the script.” Jess Weixler on meeting Teeth director Mitchell Lichtenstein [NYO]

“The movie is the celebrity. It was almost like we were living in the belly of Julia Roberts, where nobody cared about us.” Lizzy Caplan on Cloverfield [BlackBook]

“Uh, I do not wear a wig in Star Trek like I did in Bottle Shock, thank God. Bottle Shock will be the last wig movie I ever do.” Chris Pine, who won’t be wearing William Shatner’s hair in the new Star Trek movie [EW]

Stephen King Battles Nearsightedness, Hilarious Bloggers