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Sylvester Stallone Needs to Eat Too, You Know

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“I thought, ‘Why not give them another shot? I should be true to who I am and not try to prove that I’m some versatile auteur.’” Sylvester Stallone on his reason for bringing Rocky and Rambo back for one more sequel [Parade]

“It’s bad enough on a small screen. Now you get to see the lard arse 40-foot tall.” The Edge on seeing Bono in 3-D [AP]

“It’s really strange to be in a movie that is going to probably be a very big film and to be onscreen so little. I have yet to be recognized by my voice, so I’ve been trying to yell ‘Oh Shit, Oh my God, Rob Wait up’ a lot more in conversation.” T.J. Miller, who plays the cameraman in Cloverfield [The Apiary]

“Over Christmas, I saw a report in Star that I’m dating David Spade. Imagine my surprise as … I’ve never met David Spade! What a milestone! My first TOTALLY 100% UNTRUE tabloid report!” Jenna Fischer on her love life [Jenna’s blog]

“Obviously I’m off the drugs now. [My public persona is] nothing more than a horrible, cartoon-like monster that bears no relation to the quiet, shy, retiring, teetotal, police-loving, clean-nosed poet you see before you now.” Pete Doherty, who
seems to be considering a career in stand-up comedy
[Spin via PR-Inside]

Sylvester Stallone Needs to Eat Too, You Know