The Magnetic Fields Declare War on Sobriety

Photo: Getty Images

1. The Magnetic Fields, “Too Drunk to Dream”
Stephin Merritt turns in a catchy, reverb-soaked tune about the horrors of not being totally shit-faced. Bonus: He sounds like Panda Bear when he’s drunk, apparently. [Stereogum]

2. Skillz, “2007 Rap Up”
Nerd rap’s very own “Weird Al” Yankovic recaps the year that was. It’s better than that sounds, though. [Nah Right]

3. Rhymefest feat. Daniel Merriweather, “Breakadawn”
Here’s the best track on Rhymefest’s new tribute mixtape to Michael Jackson. Wait, what? [Panda Toes]

4. Rooney, “What For”
In case you were looking for the George Harrison–y song that played during the episode of Gossip Girl that aired four weeks ago, here it is! [The World Forgot]

5. Radiohead, “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” (Scotch Mist Version)
If you were partying as hard as Stephin Merritt probably was on New Year’s Eve, you might’ve missed Radiohead’s free Webcast. Thankfully there are MP3s. [Dead Flowers]

The Magnetic Fields Declare War on Sobriety