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The New Bond Film Is Called the Huh of Wha?

Courtesy of MGM

Quantum of Solace, apparently.

Quantum of Solace.

Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue?

QUAN-tum of SOL-ace.

Apparently, the title comes from a story in Ian Fleming’s collection For Your Eyes Only, published in 1960. The original short story is not a spy story at all, according to Wikipedia, and Bond appears only as a listener at “a boring dinner party” in Nassau. “Quantum of Solace” is about an unhappy marriage that ends with a husband leaving his penniless wife in Bermuda and causes Bond — who’s been told the story by his host — to reflect on the eventful lives led even by people who aren’t superspies.

Boy, we would be thrilled if the latest Bond film actually is based on this story. It could be the My Dinner With Andre of Bond films! Imagine all the sexy reaction shots of Daniel Craig nodding over the remnants of a formal dinner, his intense ice-blue eyes boring into the camera, as the sad, sad tale unravels … Maybe he could take a short break to kill a few guys, then return to the table for the poignant dénouement. We’d be first in line!

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The New Bond Film Is Called the Huh of Wha?