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Uwe Boll Will Take What He Can Get

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“But some said it was ‘by far Boll’s best movie.’ They compared it to, not Lord of the Rings, but something weaker like Eragon.” —director Uwe Boll on the critical reaction to his new movie In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale [NYP]

Cary Grant must be tired of it.” George Clooney on whether he’s tired of comparisons to Cary Grant [NYT]

“I like to chill in my crib and feed my fish. I got a tank full of piranhas. I got a shark. I got tiger fish. I got seven moray eels.” Tracy Morgan unconvincingly attempts to put some distance between himself and his character on 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan [NYP]

“Turns out Flavor Flav had a studio in the same building I was working in, and we became friends. He gave me a lot of great advice and became like a father figure to me.” Flo Rida [NYP]

“I wrote a song called ‘Where Pigs Fly,’ Ray wrote ten songs out of it. One of them was ‘Hatred,’ one was ‘Lola’ and the other eight were ‘You Really Got Me.’” Dave Davies on his Kinks bandmate, brother Ray Davies [Rolling Stone]

Uwe Boll Will Take What He Can Get