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‘Untraceable’ Is Completely Realistic, Experts Determine

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Scary news for anyone thinking about seeing the idiotic new Website thriller Untraceable this weekend: Everything in it could happen TO YOU! A few weeks ago, we took issue with a few minor things in the trailer for the movie — about an FBI team on the trail of a killer who gradually poisons his victims as the traffic to his Website increases — but today, Popular Mechanics asked an ex-FBI agent, an Internet-security consultant, and a doctor what they thought, and it turns out that most of the things the killer does in the film are, technically, possible (except for when he’s somehow able to hack into Diane Lane’s minivan, which is just stupid) and could be accomplished by the average 12-year old. Creating an untraceable Websites, breaking into a wireless networks, and using computers to control household items remotely isn’t just doable — these things happen every day!

To prove it, we had our IT department rig up a device that will — as page views on our blog increase — inject both of Vulture’s editors with a serum that makes us even more skeptical of Diane Lane’s career choices.

Untraceable’s High-Tech Hijinks: Hollywood Fact vs. Fiction [Popular Mechanics via Gawker]
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‘Untraceable’ Is Completely Realistic, Experts Determine