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Week in Review: Back in the Game

Photo: Getty Images (Huckabee, writers, Fierstein); CBS (Letterman); iStockphoto (hat); Columbia (McLovin); AMPAS (Oscar)

Vulture’s to-do list for the weekend:

Watch some Oscar movies.

Watch some awful movies.

Prepare our script for a sweded Cloverfield.

Think up 250 items for a Top Ten list.

Ditch our publisher for a mere $6–7 million.

Sue R. Kelly in a more entertaining way.

Pick a few late-night scabs.

Comment on

Work on some dance moves.

Bid on Gary Coleman’s pants on eBay.

Safeguard our apartment against the Internet.

Batten down the hatches for 2008.

Rig some Diebold machines so they only count votes for Mike Huckabee.

And maybe, possibly, potentially watch the season premiere of The Wire. Game on!

Week in Review: Back in the Game