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What ‘Popular Cable Television Show’ Is Looking for Scab Writers on Mediabistro?

Courtesy of Comedy Central

An ad currently up on Mediabistro’s job board seems a little bit weird, considering the current writers’ strike and all:

te>Popular Cable Television Show Seeks Writer

Major responsibilities include:

• Crafting strong, engaging monologues based on a mix of news, research, and host opinion.
• Daily calls with host to flesh out point-of-view and brainstorm topics.
• Producing segments with appropriate graphics, banners and other elements.
• Following major story threads to develop leads, angles, etc.
• Writing introductions to guest-driven segments.

The right candidate will be self directed news junkie who has the ability to meet deadlines without supervision. A track record in developing smart and engaging copy, infused with clever and unconventional humor is also a must. Knowledge of current events and politics is required and the ideal candidate will be comfortable writing point of view monologues for a political ideology that may differ from their own.

Gosh, what popular cable-television show features monologues delivered by a host whose stated political ideology may differ from that of your average TV writer? We know nothing, of course, not even where the “Mr. Kevin Bell” who invited applicants to e-mail him might work. And we would be really surprised if Stephen Colbert was planning to hire scabs. Who else could it be? Let us know in the comments!

Popular Cable Television Show Seeks Writer [Mediabistro, registration required, via MB bulletin boards]

What ‘Popular Cable Television Show’ Is Looking for Scab Writers on Mediabistro?