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When Will ABC Bring Back ‘Cavemen’?

Photo illustration: ABC (hair), iStockphoto (ribbon)

A few moments ago, we were perusing the official Cavemen Website at ABC.com (like we do several times an hour as it is set as our browser’s homepage), and we were disappointed to notice that the network has not yet scheduled a return date for our favorite show of the new TV season. In case you’ve not been keeping track, ABC hasn’t aired a new episode since November 13, meaning we’re now in our 52nd miserable, Cavemen-less day. While our Tuesday nights were once filled with the hilarious antics of our favorite Wii-owning Cro-Magnons, they are now filled with sorrow, tears, and binge-drinking. We know that twelve shows were shot and thus far we’ve seen only six, so how long must we wait to see others? Since ABC has basically run out of new episodes of almost all other scripted programs, we’re sort of surprised that we even need to ask this. Will they hold them until they have nothing else left to run but test patterns? We sure hope not — bring back Cavemen!

Cavemen [Official site]

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When Will ABC Bring Back ‘Cavemen’?