A Seven-Nation Army Could Probably Hold Kate Nash Back

Photo: Getty Images

1. Kate Nash, “7 Nation Army” (White Stripes cover)
We’re not saying anyone could’ve matched the combustible energy of the Stripes’ fiery original, but Nash’s half-hearted delivery sucks out almost all the fun. What will her MySpace friends say? [My Old Kentucky Blog]

2. Idle Warship, “Tour Diary”
This song about the hardships of the music biz, by Talib Kweli’s side project, is so good, it probably deserves a better music business. [Mixtape Maestro]

3. Talbot Tagora, “Connection” (Elastica cover)
A messy, lo-fi cover of the 1995 hit which was itself a messy ripoff of Wire’s “3 Girl Rhumba.” Someone should tell these guys about the law of diminishing returns. [Pinglewood]

4. Envelopes, “Put on Hold”
Envelopes must be expecting a lot of calls when they release their sophomore release next week, because they’ve put together the best on-hold music ever. [Sound Bites]

5. Goldfrapp, “It’s Not Over Yet” (Klaxons cover)
Goldfrapp recorded this lovely and haunting cover for the BBC’s Jo Whiley Show. [Zeon Music]

6. Your 33 Black Angels, “Psycho on Your Side”
Y33BA strum and knob-twiddle their way through this strange song about a high-spirited young man who tries to convince us that “it’s good to have a psycho on your side.” Mike Huckabee is probably hoping that McCain feels the same way. [My Old Kentucky Home]

A Seven-Nation Army Could Probably Hold Kate Nash Back