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Ben Silverman: ‘Quarterlife’ Was ‘So Worth a Try’

Courtesy of Fox

Silverman Looks on the Bright Side: Sure, Quarterlife, the Marshall Herskovitz blog drama which NBC repurposed from the Internet, scored the lowest Tuesday-night prime-time ratings in TV history, but according to network chairman/wunderkind Ben Silverman, it was “so worth a try.” [HR]

The Walrus Was Paula: This season, for the first time ever, American Idol contestants will desecrate Lennon/McCartney songs on a Beatles-themed episode. Ringo must be spinning in his grave! [E!]

Feel Like Bumming Yourself Out? Why not watch the video for Nick Drake’s “Black Eyed Dog” that Heath Ledger made just before he died! [Defamer]

Music Business Doing Just Terrific: EMI’s new owner, Guy Hands, says it would’ve been more cost-effective (and resulted in better sales) to give away $100 bills with CDs than to employ the music company’s 260 A&R guys (who we guess should probably all start looking for new jobs). [FT via Idolator]

Video Games Are Totally Fun: The Times says the video-game industry now realizes that people want fun, social games they can play with their friends — and it’s delivering them! No wonder the TV and movie studios are getting their asses spanked. [NYT]

Ben Silverman: ‘Quarterlife’ Was ‘So Worth a Try’