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Bruce Springsteen Is the Guy Still Buying All Those CDs

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

“I buy CDs all the time. I’ll go into a record store and just buy $500 worth of CDs. I will! I am singlehandedly supporting what’s left of the record business.” Bruce Springsteen [USAT]

“I thought Yacht Rock was hilarious. And uncannily, you know, those things always have a little bit of truth to them. It’s kind of like when you get a letter from a stalker who’s never met you. They somehow hit on something, and you have to admit they’re pretty intuitive.” Michael McDonald [TONY]

“I couldn’t believe that there was monkey rape in the first four pages of the script. Bravo to anyone who can pull that off, and if there is, it would be the Farrelly brothers.” Rashida Jones on her Farrelly-created sitcom, Unhitched [NYDN]

“Ricky Schroder and I are currently writing a movie version of Silver Spoons.Jason Bateman gets our hopes up about seeing the Strattons’ train again [NYDN]

“Then they can go reunite with their fucking people. Have fun, that’s you, that’s not me.” Sebastian Bach, who, despite other recent band reunions, has no such plans for Skid Row [Pop Matters]

Bruce Springsteen Is the Guy Still Buying All Those CDs