Colin Meloy Looks on the Bright Side

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1. Colin Meloy, “We Both Go Down Together” (live)
The first single from the Decemberists front man’s forthcoming solo live album manages the rare feat of making a song about a double suicide funny. [Music Slut]

2. Zola Jesus, “Souer Sewer”
What kind of jerk uses a bilingual pun for the name of her creepy low-fi trip-hop song? The same kind of jerk who names herself Zola Jesus, we guess. [Just Sayin’ Is All]

3. Tokyo Police Club, “In a Cave”
You’d probably have to be living in a cave if you haven’t yet heard of Tokyo Police Club. When their album comes out in April, you’re probably not even safe in there. [Pitchfork]

4. Ghost Bees, “Tasseomancy”
Imagine twin Joanna Newsoms singing about corpses and fortune-telling. The song is great, but you’re probably going to need to sleep with the lights on tonight. [Hero Hill]

5. Chromeo, “Bonafide Lovin’ (Hatchmatik remix feat. Teki Latex)”
Chromeo’s song about the advantages of loving an older man makes us feel better about getting older, but Teki Latex’s use of The Neverending Story as a metaphor for sex has ruined our childhood. [Discobelle]
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Colin Meloy Looks on the Bright Side