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‘Expelled’ Trailer: Ben Stein Is Crazy

Tagline: “And rather than regard humankind as carrying the spark of the divine, they believe we’re nothing more than mud animated by lightning.”

Translation: See headline.

The Verdict: Paid for by the nuts at the Discovery Institute, Ben Stein’s new pro-creationism documentary purports to take a hard look at the controversy among scientists over intelligent design. We didn’t expect this seven-minute “supertrailer” to make us think I.D. was any less ridiculous, and it didn’t (especially the part when Stein compares its critics to Nazis), but seeing academics like Phillip Pettit, Richard Dawkins, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend get hoodwinked into appearing in Expelled does make us feel a little guilty for laughing so hard at Borat.

Doc ‘Expelled’ aims to discredit evolution [Variety]

‘Expelled’ Trailer: Ben Stein Is Crazy