Finally, a ‘Lost’ Recap to Put on Your iPod

Courtesy of ABC

1. Previously on Lost, “We’re Goin’ Home”
We’re not exactly sure why it needed to exist, but here’s the “rock recap” of last week’s Lost premiere, recorded by a Brooklyn band that’s even nerdier than Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend put together. Like the show, the song is fun but seems to have trouble finding a satisfying ending. [Hypeful]

2. Of Montreal, “Tropical Iceland” (Fiery Furnaces cover)
Of Montreal perform the Furnaces’ track with Talking Heads–y aplomb, adding to an already impressive list of covers in the repertoire. They’re our first choice for a wedding band. [Broadcaster House]

3. So So Modern, “Vulture Kisses”
We can assure you that kissing us is much more pleasant than this proggy electro-clash track from New Zealand would lead you to believe. [5 Acts]

4. Lyrics Born, “Hott 2 Deff”
Lyrics Born has a new album out in April, and this upbeat new track pairs his breathless, old-man delivery with Gwen Stefani–esque background vocals. Definitely an all-ages show. [So Much Silence]

5. Maritime, “Boy From School” (Hot Chip cover)
Maritime adds a little synthetic saxophone to improve on this track from HC’s The Warning. [Pitchfork] —Ehren Gresehover

Finally, a ‘Lost’ Recap to Put on Your iPod