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Finally, ‘Juno’ Gets Its Own Ripoff TV Show

Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

Unlikely cash cow Juno has already spawned a best-selling soundtrack album and talk of a video-game adaptation — and now it might get its own TV spinoff! Well, an unlicensed ripoff about a pregnant 15-year-old produced by the team behind 7th Heaven, anyway. Heaven creator Brenda Hampton is reportedly shopping a series about a girl who becomes “pregnant after having one uncomfortable sexual encounter with the school’s Don Juan, Ricky” and “tries to figure out a way to deal with her dilemma” while “being wooed by the sweet and possibly smitten Ben.”

Provided Ben Silverman can find a band that sounds exactly like the Moldy Peaches to write the theme song and figure out a plausible way to have the protagonist re-impregnated at the beginning of every season, we can probably expect to see this on NBC shortly.

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Finally, ‘Juno’ Gets Its Own Ripoff TV Show