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Gary Busey Issues Creepy Apology for Creepy Behavior

Photo: AFP

Busey Apologizes: Class act Gary Busey called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show yesterday morning to apologize for his outburst on the red carpet at Sunday’s Oscars, calling Seacrest “an innocent champion of honesty.” [Defamer]

iTunes Is No. 2: In 2007, iTunes beat out Best Buy and Target to become the second-biggest seller of music behind only Wal-Mart, meaning virtually everyone has stopped buying CDs. [Reuters via Idolator]

Noel Gallagher Still Pretty Awesome: Oasis’ Noel Gallagher is selling his summer home in Ibiza because he can’t stand owning property near James Blunt. Sounds perfectly reasonable to us. [NME]

Ugly People Needed to Play West Virginians: Shelter, starring Julianne Moore, is shooting in Pittsburgh next month and producers have put out a casting call for “inbred”-looking children to play characters from West Virginia: “Extraordinarily tall or short. Unusual body shapes, even physical abnormalities as long as there is normal mobility.” “Regular-looking” need not apply. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

More Ugly People Needed for The Road: In a separate casting call, producers of the upcoming film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (also set to be shot in Pittsburgh next month) are looking for “people with minimal muscle tone, long stringy hair, and a starved, ravaged appearance.” Good luck finding a date in Pittsburgh next month! [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Paul Haggis Doesn’t Know What Quantum of Solace Means Either: Paul Haggis has no idea what the title of the new Bond movie means, despite his having written the damn thing. [Movies Blog/MTV]

Gary Busey Issues Creepy Apology for Creepy Behavior