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Woolworths Takes the Next Step in Tie-in Marketing With the ‘Lolita’ Children’s Bed

Courtesy of Penguin Books

Humbert Humbert Shops Here: Woolworths in the U.K. has withdrawn the Lolita Midsleeper Combi, a little girl’s bed-dresser combination, after complaints from parents about the product’s name. Explains a Woolworths spokesperson: “What seems to have happened is the staff who run the website had never heard of Lolita, and to be honest no one else here had either. We had to look it up on Wikipedia. But we certainly know who she is now.” Don’t miss the kicker, in which the Times helpfully reminds readers that the British department store Tesco “removed its pole-dancing kit from the toys and games section of its website after it was accused of destroying children’s innocence.” [Times U.K. via Jezebel]

Bowie Has Will: David Bowie is in talks to join the cast of Todd Graff’s musical Will, already starring Lisa Kudrow and Vanessa Hudgens. This project suddenly got 85 percent more creepy. [Variety]

Guare Retools Brigadoon: According to Michael Riedel, a backers’ audition of a new production of high-school fave Brigadoon — reworked into an antiwar statement by John Guare — was successful, and the show could be headed toward a major production. [NYP]

Cap Back: As expected by everyone who’s ever read a comic book in his life, Captain America is back. And yes, we were sick of hearing about it. [The Beat]

Okkervil, New Pornographers Announce Joint Tour: Ben Mathis-Lilley has requested the following editorial comment: “No New York City? Bullshit!” (Additional reporting by Lori Fradkin.) [Pitchfork]

In Defense of Tom Petty: If you read only one comparison of Tom Petty to Justice Scalia today, make it this one. [New Republic]

Woolworths Takes the Next Step in Tie-in Marketing With the ‘Lolita’ Children’s Bed