Help Vulture Save ‘Cavemen’: Send Your Hair to ABC!

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Vulture readers, please forgive us for bearing bad news; it is truly with a heavy heart that we type this post. Last night, ABC announced the renewals of nine shows for the 2008–09 TV season, and guess what? Cavemen wasn’t one of them. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll probably understand just how much this pains us — for those two glorious months last year, when ABC was still airing it, Cavemen was the only TV series we could count on to fill our weekly quota of incisive Cro-Magnon humor, and, by the end of its short six-episode run, it had become, unequivocally, our favorite new show of the fall season. Sure, it had its critics and, yes, it may have stumbled in the ratings, but its potential cancellation is not something we’re equipped to deal with today. In fact, one of the primary reasons we were excited for the resolution of the writers’ strike was ABC’s inevitable promise of a completed first season, along with an order for at least another 50 episodes. Tragically, this has not yet materialized. Fortunately, however, we have a plan.

Inspired by our friends at Best Week Ever, who are mailing lightbulbs to Ben Silverman to save Friday Night Lights, and the fans who won Jericho a stay of execution by shipping peanuts to CBS, Vulture is hereby encouraging our loyal readers to send your hair to ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson, along with a note reading, “Cavemen: Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow!,” in the hopes that we, too, might rescue our favorite show.

What better way to pledge your support for TV’s finest sitcom about furry Neanderthals than to completely shave your head (or just get a trim — it doesn’t matter, just so long as you fill the box or envelope to the top) and mail the sweepings directly to the man in charge of ABC’s prime-time lineup? Just imagine the delighted look on his face as he tears opens his mail — with bits of hair probably flying up directly into his smiling mouth — and sees your unmitigated love for Cavemen, unquestionably one of the Greatest Television Shows of Our Time. He will have no choice but to DEMAND another season!

Here’s his address:

Stephen McPherson, President
ABC Television Network
500 S.Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

Come on, everybody — it’ll grow back! Save Cavemen!

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Help Vulture Save ‘Cavemen’: Send Your Hair to ABC!