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Is the Writers’ Strike Pretty Much Over?

Photo illustration: AP

Yesterday on CNBC’s Fast Money, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner declared the writers’ strike effectively over. “They’ve made a deal, they shook hands on a deal,” he said. “The deal is going on Saturday to the constituents [for a vote] … I think it’s impossible that they turn it down.”

Despite this, Nikki Finke says, it’s not yet a done deal. Right now, the Writers Guild is scrambling to complete a draft of the agreement before tomorrow’s informational meetings for scribes on both coasts, at which leaders will gauge their constituents’ enthusiasm over the tentative contract. On Sunday, the WGA board puts it to a vote, and if it’s approved, the strike is called off, the Oscars are saved, and Jay Leno’s monologue will be restored to its former glory. Sure, everything could go horrifically wrong between now and Sunday, but for the moment — *fingers crossed* — it looks good.

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Is the Writers’ Strike Pretty Much Over?