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Is the Writers’ Strike Finally Over?

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Just as we were finally beginning to accept the reality of a future without scripted television, it seems as though the writers’ strike may actually be nearing an end. After Friday’s informal negotiations between the WGA and the AMPTP reportedly yielded an agreement over ad-supported Internet streaming of TV shows (which was the last major sticking point), it’s likely a tentative deal could be announced soon, possibly as early as this week. According to Nikki Finke, Fox chairman Peter Chernin was at the Super Bowl last night telling friends “the strike is over,” which certainly sounds promising, even if he was drunk.

Any resolution would have to be ratified by the Writers Guild’s 10,000 members, and the union is still urging writers to picket today, but, for the first time since the strike began 90 days ago, things are starting to look up. If all continues to go well, the Oscars will go ahead as planned (with scripted banter!) and — far more important — ABC can finally get back to work on the second season of Cavemen.

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Is the Writers’ Strike Finally Over?