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It’s Showtime for Edie Falco

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Falco Finds the Funny: Sopranos fans may find it tough to picture Edie Falco starring in a half-hour comedy for Showtime about a tough nurse balancing out a job in an urban hospital with a tumultuous personal life, but 30 Rock fans, who got to see Falco hold her own opposite Alec Baldwin, know this is probably worth subscribing for. [Variety]

Panettiere, Short Get Hoodwinked: Today we learn that (1) blogs are the new trades and (2) Hayden Panettiere and Martin Short are the new Anne Hathaway and Jim Belushi, as Hoodwinked director Cory Edwards reveals on his blog that the former pair will take over for the latter as the voices of Red and the Woodsman in Hoodwinked 2: Hood vs. Evil. [Cory’s Curiosities]

Sewell Waits for the Eleventh Hour: When he’s done wowing Broadway audiences in Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rufus Sewell will presumably land a meaty, delicious paycheck by starring in Eleventh Hour, the new Jerry Bruckheimer CBS series, based on the British show starring Patrick Stewart, as a special government science adviser with a feisty female bodyguard who protects people against the worst abuses of science. [HR]

Melton, Dunstan Raise Hell: Screenwriting team Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, famous for writing the Project Greenlight horror feature Feast and fresh off penning Saws IV and V (not to mention a remake of the William Castle classic The Tingler), will script Dimension’s remake of Hellraiser. They will then enter six years of therapy. [Variety]

Duffy, Evigan, Read Don Mask: Michelle Duffy, Greg Evigan, and Allen E. Read will take on the lead roles in the Pasadena Playhouse’s world premiere of Mask, a musical based on the 1985 film, which in turn was based on the true story of Rocky Dennis, a teenager with a major cranial deformity raised by a familial biker gang. Let’s hope, as original screenwriter Anna Hamilton Phelan is handling the book (and Dennis’s loved ones are still alive), this will be nothing like the Elephant Man musical in The Tall Guy. [Playbill]

It’s Showtime for Edie Falco