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Jesse L. Martin and James Gandolfini Administer a Little ‘Sexual Healing’

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Martin Totally Gaye for Gandolfini: James Gandolfini will co-star with Jesse L. Martin in Sexual Healing, a film which chronicles the last years of Motown singer Marvin Gaye’s life, including the recording of his album Midnight Love with promoter Freddy Cousaert (Gandolfini). This item is too awesome to make fun of. [Variety]

Gentleman Rockwell: Bear with us here: There’s this movie called Gentleman Broncos, written by Jared Hess and his wife, Jerusha Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), about a high-school outcast (Michael Angarano) who writes a story that gets ripped off by a famous fantasy novelist (Jemaine Clement). The main character of the purloined story comes to life in two versions, one imagined by the teen and the other imagined by the writer. Both versions are played by Sam Rockwell, which is the only way this crazy-ass concept has a prayer of working. [HR]

Bobby Fischer in Both Title and Film This Time: Director Kevin MacDonald will follow up his troubled State of Play production with Bobby Fischer Goes to War, about the titular chess wizard’s 1972 championship match against Boris Spassky. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton probably don’t need to kill themselves to get their head shots in right away. [Variety]

Barker Is Back: With a film of Midnight Meat Train set to open this spring and a new version of Hellraiser in development, Clive Barker’s Midnight Picture Show teams up with Matador Pictures to produce a series of films based on Barker’s horror anthologies Books of Blood. The only possible explanation for all this is that the last 22 years were just a dream and it’s actually still 1986. [HR]

Hartnett Drifts Into Bunraku: Hollywood’s bizarrely persistent quest to shove Josh Hartnett down your throat as an A-list leading man continues with Bunraku, in which Hartnett stars as a drifter named “the Drifter” who is bent on revenge in a world of Japanese puppets and German Expressionism. Look, why would we make that up? [HR]

Jesse L. Martin and James Gandolfini Administer a Little ‘Sexual Healing’