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John Cleese Has Led No Easy Life

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“I’ve had one or two disappointments in my life. Like lunch with Peter Ustinov. You wouldn’t believe how disappointing that was.” John Cleese [A.V. Club]

“There will be something sort of liberating about ordering Chinese food and watching the Oscars in bed.” Graydon Carter on canceling the Vanity Fair Oscars party [NYT]

“Mozart was not worried about making money off of music, you know. Money and bling-bling and Benjamins and all that stuff ain’t about nothing. When we came up, we couldn’t care, ‘cause our idols were the raggediest dudes in the world.” Quincy Jones [EW]

”At some point I’ll have the longest career of anyone and they’ll have to give me an award. And hey, I’ll have the clips all edited and done and scored. I’ll get the little gold man if it’s the last thing I do.” —television actress Brooke Shields, who isn’t too familiar with how Academy Awards are won [EW]

“My opinion of him is, it’s kind of like just eating a random sandwich. It’s just there.” —Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste on listening to M. Ward [A.V. Club]

John Cleese Has Led No Easy Life