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Lil Wayne Makes Sweet, Sticky Promises

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Lil Wayne Gets Sticky: After numerous delays, Lil Wayne promises that his long-awaited album Tha Carter III will drop in March or April on the Cash Money/Universal label. Wayne says that “whatever is on it will stick with you forever,” so be sure to wear gloves. [Billboard]

Final Desperation: How badly does New Line want to wring one more installment out of the Final Destination franchise? Final Destination 4 will be shot in 3-D, so when the teenagers get impaled and guillotined in this one, stuff’ll fly out at you! Of course, nearly everyone will actually see this film in 2-D on TNT in early 2011. [Bloody Disgusting]

Friel Lost With Ferrell: Anna Friel stars opposite Will Ferrell in Universal’s megabudget feature version of microbudget TV show Land of the Lost. Friel may just have enough sly wit to pull off the Amy Adams–in–Talladega Nights trick of actually getting noticed in a Will Ferrell movie. [HR]

Lowe Seeks Truth: Standing around watching Mike Myers be funny in Wayne’s World and Austin Powers should be excellent preparation for Rob Lowe as he joins the cast of the comedy This Side of the Truth, in which he will stand around watching Ricky Gervais be funny. [Variety]

Dillahunt Enters Last House: Finally, a scary actor is cast in a horror remake! Garret Dillahunt, best known for terrifying Deadwood fans in season two, takes on the villainous role of Krug in Rogue Pictures’ remake of Wes Craven’s 1972 shocker Last House on the Left. [Variety]

Lil Wayne Makes Sweet, Sticky Promises