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‘Lost’: Who Was That in the Rocking Chair?

In last night’s Lost, Hurley gets waylaid late at night and ends up at the cabin that supposedly houses Jacob, the (invisible?) mastermind of the Others. When Hurley looks in the window, he sees … someone sitting in a rocking chair. The spoilers for this episode we linked to a few days ago identified that someone, but when we watched the episode, we thought, “It’s way too dark to know who the hell that is!”

Turns out our TV is just too crappy, as the worker bees over at the Lost-TV.com forums have given the figure a positive I.D.

Apparently, the spoilers were right: It’s Christian Shepard, Jack’s dad. Or at least the actor who plays Christian.

Courtesy of ABC and Lost-TV.com poster misty_nichole

What does this mean? Is Christian Jacob? Is Christian advising Jacob? Is Christian just a figment of Hurley’s imagination? Was that second shot of Christian actually a skeleton? Would someone please spoil this for us as soon as possible??

Christian Shepard in Jack’s house? [Lost-TV forums]

‘Lost’: Who Was That in the Rocking Chair?