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Major Cover-up Suspected on ‘American Idol’

Courtesy of Fox

Male Pattern Baldness Strikes Idol: David Cook’s comb-over isn’t the only duplicitous coif on this season of American Idol — Robbie Carrico’s hair is really a wig! [TMZ]

No One Watches Quarterlife: Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick’s blog drama, Quarterlife, which was purchased by a strike-panicked NBC in November, debuted to low ratings on Sunday night, when the show’s target demographic was likely updating their own blogs or reading other ones. [Variety]

Writers’ Strike Really, Really Over Now: Members of the Writers Guild of America have officially ratified their three-year contract with studios, meaning NBC can probably shelve those remaining episodes of Quarterlife until the next writers’ strike, currently scheduled for 2011. [Variety]

Hollywood Braces for Next Strike: California-based insurance company Fireman’s Fund is offering studios a policy that would cover financial losses incurred during the impending Screen Actors Guild strike. [Variety]

Andrew W.K. Speaks (and Speaks, and Speaks, and Speaks): Britain’s The Wire magazine spoke with Andrew W.K. this month, and they’ve published the nine-page unedited transcript on their Website. Hooray! [The Wire via Idolator]

Major Cover-up Suspected on ‘American Idol’