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Mark Ronson: Scared to Beat Kanye at the Grammys, Just Wants to Be on TV

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Mark Ronson’s Grammys performance depends solely on Amy Winehouse procuring a work visa, he told us at last night’s Prada party. Despite being nominated for three awards at this Sunday’s ceremony, the producer will only get to perform if the responsible singer is allowed to enter the United States, which he says she’ll find out about today. “If Amy gets here, I’m performing; if not, I’m not. I wanted to get in so I can be on TV. Not because I don’t care about seeing her, and her being one of my close friends. I just wanna be on TV.”

Ronson admits he doesn’t actually expect to win anything this Sunday but is slightly nervous about what would happen if he picks up one award in particular. “I mean maybe Album of the Year, but Kanye’s been up three times. If he had a tantrum, I don’t know if I could handle that. I think he thinks in his head he deserves it, and rightfully so; why shouldn’t he?”

Luckily, Ronson — also up for three Brit Awards this year — refuses to let his slim chances make him modest. “Do you know who else is nominated for three Grammys and three Brit Awards?” he asked us. “No one,” he answered, chuckling. “Me and Mika up for Best Male Artist sounds like a tag-team wrestling match gone wrong. Arguably, I don’t know which of us is less male.” —Fiona Byrne

Mark Ronson: Scared to Beat Kanye at the Grammys, Just Wants to Be on TV