New Roots Single Predictably Excellent

Photo: Getty Images

1. The Roots, “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)”
“Show me the puppet that don’t need a puppeteer” go the lyrics to this new Roots single. You show us that, and we’ll show you an iPod that doesn’t need this MP3. [Nah Right]

2. Cloud Cult, “When Water Comes to Life”
Cloud Cult’s new track starts with angels and plucked strings but ends with thunder and the line “all you need to know is you were made of water.” All you need to know, though, is this song was made of awesome. [Pitchfork]

3. Boris, “Your Points Is the Umbrella”
Here’s the latest epic from our favorite long-haired, screaming Japanese dudes. [Audiversity]

4. Cool Kids, “Action Figures”
Cool Kids are back with a spare banger about cops and crazy uncles. We like it. [Gorilla vs. Bear]

5. Throw Me the Statue, “About to Walk”
Are these guys paying homage to Indiana Jones? We don’t know, but they sound pretty great. [Bridging the Atlantic]
—Ehren Gresehover

New Roots Single Predictably Excellent