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Nobody Get Excited; Writers’ Strike Not Quite Over Yet

Photo illustration: AP

Despite the excitement over a rumored end to the writers’ strike, Writers Guild and AMPTP insiders say many details have yet to be agreed upon and “there’s still a possibility this thing could get fucked.” According to Nikki Finke, WGA leaders are happy with the deal they worked out with studios on Friday, but the board can’t vote to authorize it until a resolution is set in writing — and any disagreement over language, tone, or overly aggressive punctuation could derail the whole thing. Additionally, picketing would be called off as soon as the board approves, but there’s still a possibility that the WGA’s 10,000 members could reject the deal, at which point Hollywood would crumble and all Oscars statues would be distributed to various American Gladiators.

Variety says the WGA is hoping to have a draft proposal ready by Friday, meaning this whole thing could be resolved sometime next week. Then again, if even the tiniest thing goes wrong, chaos will reign and the strike will probably last forever. For right now, both sides are urging everyone to stay calm so as not to upset the negotiating process — if this doesn’t work out, it’ll all be your fault.

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Nobody Get Excited; Writers’ Strike Not Quite Over Yet