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Panic at the Disco: Exactly Like the Beatles

Photo: Getty Images

“We used to get compared to Fall Out Boy, and I don’t think that’s accurate at all, and I would say the Beatles comparison is more accurate.” —Panic at the Disco’s Jon Walker [MTV]

“I need to make a call and see if there’s any real scuttlebutt about this — I would love nothing better; I’m a huge fan.” Ed Begley Jr. on the rumors of an Arrested Development movie [Gothamist]

“Flav is not engaged. It’s true he’s on his eighth child but, as he’s said in the past, he’d like 10. So there’s two more to go.” a VH1 spokesperson on whether Flavor Flav’s heart will really be into the third season of Flavor of Love [San Francisco Chronicle]

“I think it’s because I have stringy hair.” Amy Ryan on always being cast as the “put-upon wife” [A.V. Club]

“Michael Stipe saw us at a festival last year and he asked Arcade Fire if we were nice guys and they gave us an endorsement as being nice, normal guys.” —The National’s Matt Berninger on how they scored a job opening for REM [Gothamist]

Panic at the Disco: Exactly Like the Beatles