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Stephin Merritt Still Dour

Courtesy of Nonesuch

“People don’t seem to realize when they’re living in the golden age of things. I believe we’re living in the golden age of the documentary. I don’t think anyone over 12 would think we were in the golden age of popular music. We’re living in a really difficult time for popular music. I guess we can’t pick our golden ages, otherwise we’d always be in one.” Stephin Merritt [BlackBook]

“I know I want to do R&B, but at the same time, I want to be the kind of artist that can do a duet with a John Mayer and it makes sense.” Ne-Yo [MTV]

“The next thing that really stuck out to me was Beyoncé and Tina Turner. The whole time it was going all I could think was, ‘How cool would it be to have Tina Turner as your grandma?’” Pete Wentz [MTV]

“It’s not dirty talk. We talk about sex, but the terminology is not dirty. The film is principally humorous, and if anything else it’s informative.” Isabella Rossellini on her new film, Green Porno, in which she simulates insect sex [Reuters via Yahoo]

“Hey, you try wagging these puppies around a while and see if you don’t have back problems.” Dolly Parton on postponing her upcoming North American tour [Reuters via Yahoo]

Stephin Merritt Still Dour