‘The L Word’: The Ladies Meet Their Matches

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As the filming of Lez Girls gets under way with a table reading, the actresses portraying the characters we’ve grown to know and sorta love are revealed (it’s like when Jerry cast his pilot on Seinfeld, except … unfunny). Jenny decides to host a mixer so real and faux lesbians can mingle, and as the pot brownies and tequila shots flow, everyone gets crunk to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” at what actually looks like a really fucking cool party. So who’s sober? Bette, who’s annoyed after meeting the white girl selected to play “Bev,” and Alice, who loses her buzz just in time to get reamed by Tasha for responding to news that a certain famous basketball player made anti-gay comments by outing him in a podcast and appearing on Crossfire.

Shane violates the Threesome Oath by spending some alone time with Cindi, one of the owners of the snazzy new SheBar. She feels the wrath of the jilted other half of the couple at the boozy blowout, where Dawn shows up to inform Shane she’ll be ruining her life. At least she can’t burn down the skate shop! Been there, destroyed that.

After attempting to re-create the infamous Karina-Jenny bathroom moment to help Lez Girls star Niki Stevens understand the pivotal scene, Jenny and Niki hook up in a closet (don’t worry, the irony isn’t lost on the writerly Ms. Schecter, either). It’s the first time all season Ms. Schecter is even a smidge likeable, but can it last? Earlier, Jenny has to explain what a Svengali is to the naïve Ms. Stevens, whose response is, “Sounds like an a-hole.” Deep.

Max’s distrust of Jenny’s obsessive assistant Adele leads him to do a little digging into her past — and surprise, surprise — her story doesn’t quite add up.

After last week’s kiss, Bette and Tina’s interactions are mega-awkward; it doesn’t help that Jodi brings Tina home after the party because she’s too wasted to drive. Bette’s ex sleeps it off on the couch, and we have a feeling everyone’s going to have a pretty wicked hangover tomorrow. —Chelsea Brady

‘The L Word’: The Ladies Meet Their Matches