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The Martha Plimpton and Josh Hamilton Comedy Team on ‘Top Girls,’ Dildos, and Jury Duty

Hamilton and Plimpton at last night’s benefit.Photo: WireImage

Actors Martha Plimpton and Josh Hamilton have a long mutual history onstage, most recently in last year’s epic Stoppard trilogy The Coast of Utopia. We caught up with the duo last night at the Angel Orensanz center on Norfolk Street after they went head-to-head in a mini-play during a benefit for Women’s Expressive Theater. We asked Plimpton, who’s about to start rehearsals for Manhattan Theatre Club’s production of Top Girls, who was playing the time-traveling lead, Marlene, in Caryl Churchill’s career-gal classic (which Vulture pledges to plug whenever possible). “Liz Marvel,” Plimpton said in her sexy bray. “But we don’t use words like lead in an ensemble cast.” Hamilton added: “Not in an ensem-bluh!”

What was the wackiest thing each of these longtime downtowners ever had to do in a play? “In Suburbia with Josh, I had to whip a giant, two-foot-long dildo around and talk into it like it was a microphone,” Plimpton said. “He asked for something unusual,” Hamilton countered. “That’s something you might do in your everyday life.” Plimpton shrugged apologetically. “I know. Let me take that back. What about the plays where people had to think I was pretty? That was pretty unusual and wacky,” she deadpanned. Oh, please, Martha, you’re beautiful. Did she have any plans for Valentine’s Day? “I’m showing a tremendous amount of love for my city and my country this Valentine’s Day by showing up for jury duty at 8:45 in the morning,” Plimpton scowled.

“Maybe you’ll fall in love,” Hamilton suggested. “I had grand jury duty every day for a month. The depressing thing is that I had a whole month free to do it.”

We asked Plimpton what she’d be bringing to pass her time. “Probably my script.”

“Not the dildo?” asked Hamilton.

“Not the dildo. Although it would get me out of having to serve.” —Tim Murphy

The Martha Plimpton and Josh Hamilton Comedy Team on ‘Top Girls,’ Dildos, and Jury Duty