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‘The Price Is Right,’ Ancient Mythology — It’s All the Same to Drew Carey

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“And for every single person that makes it on stage, it’s like a Joseph Campbell journey, an everyman plucked from obscurity to attempt a journey, with obstacles placed in their way.” Drew Carey, probably talking about that mountain-climber game on The Price Is Right [NYT]

“Brian spends at least 93 percent of his life apologizing. He has an idea brain. And he hates himself like we do.” —Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof on why he offered Brian K. Vaughan a job [NYT]

“I’m totally hooked on reruns of Friends. I know I shouldn’t be. They show them between 5 and 6 every night of the week, and I get a slightly bad temper if I have to miss them, even if I’ve seen them 20 times. It’s like a piece of music you know well but never get tired of.” Tom Wilkinson [Envelope/LAT]

“And so really, what [George Lucas] was saying to me, was: ‘Don’t let this experience discourage you from what acting can really be about, because that’s not what this is.’ I just wish I would’ve figured that out a little sooner.” Hayden Christensen explains why he wasn’t very good in the Star Wars prequels [LAT]

“The fact that the guys on SportsCenter play it a little looser — there’s a little more humor injected into sports now — that would have helped. But I think if I was doing play-by-play for the Minnesota Twins or something, part of me would be like, ‘Ah, I should have tried comedy.’” Will Ferrell on not pursuing a career in sportscasting [NYP]

‘The Price Is Right,’ Ancient Mythology — It’s All the Same to Drew Carey