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Too Cold to Picket: Writers’ Strike Finally Over!

Photo illustration: AP

At last, film and TV scribes on both coasts are firing up Final Draft right now for the first time since November. Yesterday, 3,492 Writers Guild members voted to end the 100-day-old strike, while 283 would’ve preferred to sleep in this morning. WGAW president Patric Verrone issued a statement last night encouraging all those who were employed before the walkout to report to work today. Also, whoever’s in charge of Leno’s monologue may want to head in a little early. Verrone reminds guild members that the tentative contract with studios still needs to be ratified, but for all practical purposes, this thing is pretty much over.

At this time, Vulture would like to extend our sincere thanks to Tina Fey (at left), whose picket sign and far-off, unenthusiastic facial expression have helped us illustrate innumerable otherwise-boring strike-update posts.

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Too Cold to Picket: Writers’ Strike Finally Over!