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Unfunny Comedian Writes Funniest-Ever ‘Us Weekly’ Photo Caption

Courtesy of Defamer

Defamer reports today Us Weekly is in trouble over a recent photo caption (at left) which, at least according to Kirstie Alley’s lawyer, could be offensive to Scientologists. In the January 7 issue’s “Fashion Police” section — in which Z-grade comedians make bitchy comments on movie stars’ outfits — a picture of Nicole Kidman wearing a metallic, Gort-like ensemble is captioned, “Bonus: This specially designed suit repels Scientologists.”

Sure, no one’s in immediate danger of LOL-ing, but as any regular of Us Weekly can tell you (shut up, the subscription is for our girlfriend), this caption, written by comedian and fashion critic Danica Lo, is much funnier than every other one that’s ever appeared in the magazine. Usually they’re just awful puns on the titles of actors’ movies (Nicole Kidman’s stylist should be sentenced To Die For this look!, This is Far and Away the most metallic suit we’ve ever seen!, etc.). So, with all apologies to Xenu, Vulture salutes you, Danica Lo!

Exclusive: Kirstie Alley’s Lawyers Demand That ‘US Weekly’ Fire Writer Who Cracked A Scientology Joke [Defamer]

Unfunny Comedian Writes Funniest-Ever ‘Us Weekly’ Photo Caption