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Brian Austin Green Is Uniquely Qualified for His Role on ‘Terminator’

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“Dude, I keep reminding people that I had T2 on laser disc.” Brian Austin Green on why he deserves his part on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [TV Guide]

“We started filming with a younger actress and were having both actors play teenagers, but it was much more interesting to see a guy in his 20s try to sleep with women all over the world.” Doug Liman on Jumper [NYDN]

“When you see the movie, our universe is a universe that feels like reality, and it isn’t in the Middle Ages with dragons flying around. The troll comes out of a manhole cover and gets hit by a tow truck. That’s what we’re trying to carve out that’s a little bit different.” —Troll-killer and The Spiderwick Chronicles director Mark Waters [Coming Soon]

“They get married, have lots of kids, never have a fight, and never divorce.” —Clémence Poésy, a.k.a. Fleur Delacour, on how she thinks the Harry Potter series will end, not having read the books [MTV]

“You cannot give the reader the fine print of consciousness. You cannot convey that sense of the onward rush of thought and feeling that you can in a novel.” —Atonement author Ian McEwan, saying his book is better than the movie [AP]

Brian Austin Green Is Uniquely Qualified for His Role on ‘Terminator’