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Week in Review: Spoiler Alert!

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Looking back on a week in which Vulture ruined everything…

First, we spoiled next month’s Oscars (go Coens!). Then, even though we knew some people watch it on TiVo, we spoiled the previous night’s episode of The Wire. Just for fun, we ruined the surprise of the New Kids on the Block reunion tour and made Danny look like a monkey-faced liar. Next, we gave away the secret of the upcoming Hobbit movies (they will be Guillermo del Toro–y) and revealed the secret link between Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul and Spamalot star Clay Aiken (they are the same person).

On Tuesday, we doubted In Treatment’s ability to maintain the high standards set by its hand-job-y premiere and ruined the next three years for Vampire Weekend. We gave away the plot of the Crash TV show, then did the same for Celebrity Moment of Truth.

Still not satisfied, we told you what to expect from the new Jay-Z album, Oliver Stone’s Bush movie, NBC’s 2010 fall lineup, the next Cloverfield, and the real next Cloverfield. Also, we tried our best to spoil Lost here, here, here, and here. Even Brian Vaughn and Michael Emerson pitched in! Then, today, after we’d seen the premiere, we spoiled it some more.

Sorry, everybody!

Week in Review: Spoiler Alert!