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What’s Going On With Heath Ledger’s Gilliam Movie?

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It’s now been two weeks since the death of Heath Ledger and still no definitive word on what will become of Terry Gilliam’s half-completed The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The film’s IMDb page says the project has been “shut down,” and Ledger’s name is no longer on the cast list, but according to Ain’t It Cool News, Quick Stop Entertainment, and Gilliam fan site Dreams, all of whom claim to be in touch with sources on the production, Parnassus will indeed be completed in some way or another, and will include Ledger’s already-shot scenes. It’s previously been suggested that another actor — possibly Johnny Depp — might replace Ledger in unfilmed sequences, and Ain’t It Cool says a casting announcement could come any day now.

The movie’s official Website was supposed to go live yesterday, and according to Cinematical, it did, but it now appears to be offline. Are not even Web-hosting providers immune to the Gilliam curse?

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What’s Going On With Heath Ledger’s Gilliam Movie?