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Zorak to Star in New Indiana Jones Movie

Photo: Courtesy of Defamer and Cartoon Network

Crystal Skull Revealed: Until Indiana Jones’s lawyers found out about it, Movieweb was hosting this picture of the titular cranium from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We guess there are aliens in this one. [Defamer]

Robert De Niro a Dead Ringer for Yak Face: L.A. Weekly’s Topless Robot blog makes the convincing case today that many Star Wars action figures unintentionally look like other celebrities. It’s true, Princess Leia looks exactly like Christian Bale. [Topless Robot via Boing Boing]

Music-Royalty Fight: Record labels want to lower the royalties songwriters earn from the sale of digital music from 9 percent to 6 percent. That should keep musicians from signing up with Starbucks and Live Nation. [HR]

Matt Damon Just Fucking Everybody in Sight: Vulture buddy Lindsay points out that prior to being fucked by Sarah Silverman, Matt Damon was doing the same with somebody in Eurotrip, unbeknownst to her boyfriend Scotty. [Lindsayism via Defamer]

Feist Wins Meaningless Award: Feist’s The Reminder has won 2007’s Shortlist Music Prize, an award given to the year’s best album that’s sold fewer than 500,000 copies. [AP]

Zorak to Star in New Indiana Jones Movie