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Avant-Garde Film Cat Mourned Through Avant-Garde Cat Films

Max, in avant-garde black and white.Photo: Robert Haller

Au Revoir, Max: Much-loved Anthology Film Archives cat Max has gone off to nonlinear film heaven, and the staff is sending him off with a collection of feline shorts by Brakhage and others. Mice will be served. [Art Fag City]

A&R Guy Mean to “Kristen”: Chris Anokute, Capitol Records senior A&R director, thinks everyone is laughing at Ashley Alexandra Dupré and that her music is “absolutely terrible.” “It’d be a shame to exploit her talent based on the unacceptable reality that she was involved in. Most importantly, it destroyed multiple families. I don’t think the scandal will help her at all,” he says. Other A&R guys show slightly better instincts. [Billboard]

Client 9, the Musical: Ben Greenman’s latest might be his magnum opus, the musical he was born to write, featuring raunchy sex, incisive character analysis of the ex-governor, and lyrics rhyming “Imax” with “climax.” [McSweeney’s]

Client 9, the Rap Song: We’re pretty sure Staten Island’s own AC’s “She Spitzer Swallows” is the first rap song about the current scandal. Maybe they’ll play it on Client 9 Radio! [Nah Right]

Robocop Redux?: The gang at Ain’t It Cool News is up in arms over a possible remake of Robocop, though we can’t bring ourselves to get quite so enraged. Don’t touch our Timecop, though! [Ain’t It Cool]

Has Anything Interesting Happened at SXSW?: No.

Really? Nothing?: Okay, there was a pretty solid R.E.M. concert, archived by NPR, which you can listen to until it crashes your browser. [NPR]

Avant-Garde Film Cat Mourned Through Avant-Garde Cat Films