Ben Gibbard Still Not Over That Girl Who Dumped Him Three Albums Ago

Photo: Getty Images

1. Death Cab for Cutie, “I Will Possess Your Heart”
Never mind the four-minute instrumental intro in which Ben Gibbard (sort of) rocks out — once he starts singing, it’s still the same sad, mopey glum rock that made Zack Braff (and us) fall in love with him in the first place. [Stereogum]

2. Spiritualized, “Soul on Fire”
Not to be outdone, Jason Pierce returns — with his first new single in five years — to confirm that Paxil didn’t work for him either. [Deaf Indie Elephants]

3. Fuck Buttons, “Ribs Out”
The experimental English duo reaffirm their unending commitment to never becoming popular, by recording this track which sounds like zoo animals singing along to an Autechre record. It’s actually not bad. [It’s Hard to Find a Friend]

4. Vampire Weekend, “Mansard Roof” (live at SXSW)
If you, like us, were unable to attend this year’s South by Southwest festival over the weekend, here’s the next best thing: a pretty excellent version of our favorite VW track, recorded during the band’s first-ever non-sweatered (it was too hot) performance. [Deaf Indie Elephants]

5. Lou Reed feat. Moby, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side” (live at SXSW)
What’s sadder than Lou Reed’s being trotted out to perform his biggest hit with Moby at a corporate-sponsored music-business schmoozefest while no one pays attention? Nothing. [Stereogum]

Ben Gibbard Still Not Over That Girl Who Dumped Him Three Albums Ago