Ben Gibbard Wishes He Could Unplug His Heart

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1. Death Cab for Cutie, “Cath”

Ben Gibbard is still really sad, but fortunately his band has no problem keeping together; this is an acoustic version of a song off Narrow Stairs, their new record coming out in May. [To Die by Your Side]

2. Donnie Klang, “Take You There (feat. Diddy)”
Donnie Klang (whose last name quite appropriately sounds like a basketball banging off the front of the rim) puts out his first Bad Boy single after winning Making the Band 4. Instead of making a band, all Diddy did was make a mess. [Mixtape Maestro]

3. Riskay, “Smell that Chick”
Riskay provides the tender ears of modern R&B radio with a clean version of her hilariously awesome single of sniffing out wrongdoing, “Smell Yo’ Dick.” But like NASCAR, it’s not nearly as much fun without the car wrecks. [It’s the Money Shot]

4. Joan of Arc, “A Tell-Tale Penis”
On this new track from Tim Kinsella’s ever-changing band, he finally answers the musical question, “is that a throbbing severed penis in that box under the floorboard, or are you just happy to see me?” [My Old Kentucky Home]

5. Annuals, “Sore”
Releigh, NC’s Annuals have decided to split an EP with themselves, just so the lead guitarist can get a chance to run the band his way. It’s nice to see indie rockers learn the value of sharing. [Pitchfork]
-Ehren Gresehover

Ben Gibbard Wishes He Could Unplug His Heart