Beyoncé’s ‘Nightmare’ Is Our Daydream

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1. Beyoncé, “Beautiful Nightmare”

We’re guessing Beyoncé won’t have a shortage of volunteers when she sings “somebody pinch me,” but like her, you won’t really want this pop dream to end. [One Two Music]

2. Prodigy, “Who the Fuk is Eddy Cochran?”
If Prodigy would turn on spellcheck, or click on the “Did you mean: Eddie Cochran?” link at the top of their Google search page, they would know that he was the fifties rock star who wrote “Summertime Blues.” An added bonus would be that we wouldn’t have had to listen to this boring track off their upcoming record. [Consequence of Sound]

3. Hot Lava, “Apple-Option-Fire”
This is easily the most amazing song about what to do when your giant design project overloads your Mac’s processor. Too bad young, urban, graphic designers don’t like clever indie pop. [The Walrus]

4. The Game, “Big Dreams (BWS remix)”
The Game’s back with a new track about how hugely successful he is, the problem being that the song itself isn’t going to do much to keep him on top. Big pimpin’, big money, big dreams, big deal. [J’ai la Cassette a la Maison]

5. Hot Chip, “Sensual Seduction”
Hot Chip can barely keep a straight face as they do a straightforward version of Snoop’s recent throwback hit. The resulting reverse irony is like when Bugs Bunny convinces Elmer Fudd that it’s really duck season, with the listener playing the role of Daffy Duck. [Zeon’s Music Blog]
—Ehren Gresehover

Beyoncé’s ‘Nightmare’ Is Our Daydream