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Big Boi to Perform in Ballet, Probably in Tights

Photo Illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Bombs Over Balanchine: We reported on it last year, and now, finally, we’ve received official confirmation that Outkast’s Big Boi will indeed appear in big, a new work with the Atlanta Ballet. [Official site]

Law & Order Gets Served: Ravi Batra, a bald, ethical Manhattan lawyer, is suing the creators of Law & Order over a 2003 episode featuring a corrupt lawyer, also bald and named Ravi, who he claims could not have been modeled on anyone but him. A judge is allowing the case to move forward, because every other lawyer named Ravi has long, beautiful hair. [City Room/NYT]

No Word Yet on the Egg Hunt: An Atlanta judge is allowing T.I. — who’s been under house arrest since October on weapons charges — to attend Easter services this Sunday, and for that we can all truly be thankful. [AP]

Idol Creator Does CW Hospital Show: The CW is picking up Austin Golden Hour, a medical drama produced by American Idol creator Simon Fuller. The show’s action will apparently happen in real time and focus on a Texas hospital’s surgeons and EMTs as they sleep together and fill out paperwork. [Variety]

So This A-Team Movie Nonsense Is Actually Happening?: Apparently! Jon Singleton’s A-Team movie has just been given a release date, June 12, 2009, on which it will open against several other negligible films which do not feature someone playing Mr. T. (presumably). [Variety]

Big Boi to Perform in Ballet, Probably in Tights