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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Rabbi’s Cat 2’

In thirties Algiers, it’s a good life for a rabbi’s cat, despite the rising tide of anti-Semitism filling the city. But when the rabbi’s cat, the rabbi, and two companions head out across Africa in search of a new Jerusalem, they meet a lot of surprising characters along the way — including, in the Congo, a young reporter you just might recognize.

Today on the Comics Page, we’re proud to present an excerpt from The Rabbi’s Cat 2, second in Joann Sfar’s fantastical series of graphic novels. Translated from the French, the book is out next month from Pantheon.

The Rabbi’s Cat 2, by Joann Sfar
Note: If you have trouble reading the text, click on each page to pop up a larger version in a new window.

The Rabbi’s Cat 2 is in bookstores and comics stores in April.

Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘The Rabbi’s Cat 2’