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Commenter Confirms: Aretha Franklin’s Son Not a Great Rapper

Maybe not this bad, though.Courtesy of Jive

Yesterday we speculated that Kecalf Cunningham, Aretha Franklin’s Christian-rapping son, may be even worse than most Christian rappers and rapping sons. We asked our readers to write in with some of his rhymes, vowing to record and post our own Christian raps if they didn’t. It was a threat so terrifying that one commenter actually did check in to drop three pieces of Kecalf Cunningham science. So how were they?

•”Devil can get to steppin’ / I’m fillin’ in all the cracks he stepped in.”

Not bad, actually.

•”We trying to raise the riggedy roof from the basement.”

Roof-raising reference a bit dated; also, confirms our suspicion that the 37-year-old would spice his flow with Sugar Hill Gang–style rappity bappities.

•”I’m not tryin to make ya’ll dance / I want you to sit there and advance.”

That’s bad rapping and bad marketing. What is this, the Footloose town?

So, looks like our shit-talking based on assumptions and stereotypes turned out to be justified. Thanks to user “loveisdope” for the tip, and don’t think this means those Vulture rhymes aren’t still comin’ at y’all! —Ben Mathis-Lilley

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Commenter Confirms: Aretha Franklin’s Son Not a Great Rapper