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‘CSI’ at Six Flags: You Got Your DNA in My Funnel Cake!

Courtesy of CBS

Good news for all those kids who think the Harry Potter theme park scheduled to open in 2009 might be fun, if only it included more blood splatter. Six Flags Magic Mountain will open a CSI-themed interactive show this summer, in which audiences will witness a crime and then use scientific investigative techniques to solve the mystery.

So, this sounds gross! Do you want to take your kids to Six Flags and have them picking shattered skull fragments out of a bloody baseball bat? Except that CBS claims the attraction will be family-friendly: “The crime will not be a murder,” says a rep of the network’s consumer-products division. We’re just looking forward to HBO’s licensing The Wire for an attraction in which audience members wander the scene of the crime, communicating solely through the word “fuck” and exposing the secrets of the killing.

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‘CSI’ at Six Flags: You Got Your DNA in My Funnel Cake!